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2012 Annual Calendar


Feb 11 Native Plant Seed Propagation
Mar 28 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
Mar 29 Thursday Trek
Mar 30 Poetry in the Park
Apr 5 Thursday Trek
Apr 6 Zion Geology
Apr 7 Mojave Wildflowers
Apr 13 –14 Lytle Preserve
Apr 22 –24 Zion Through the Lens
Apr 23 Zion’s Low Desert Wildflowers
Apr 25 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
Apr 28 Native Plants and Xeriscaping
May 3 Thursday Trek
May 5 Plein Air Painting
May 5 Zion 101
May 11 Rim to Floor or Rim and Back
May 12 Kolob Wildflowers
May 14 Kolob Geology
May 16 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
May 18 The Hanging Gardens of Zion
May 19 Rim to Floor or Rim and Back

June 7 Thursday Trek
June 16 Zion Narrows Service Project
June 30 Zion Narrows Service Project
July 9 Cedar Mountain Wildflowers
July 11 Wildflower Photography at Cedar Breaks
July 13 Wildflower Journaling at Cedar Breaks
July 28 Cedar Breaks Geology
Aug 18 Zion Narrows Service Project
Aug 25 Zion Narrows Service Project

Sep 8 Zion Narrows Service Project
Sep 15 Fall Wildflowers
Sep 20 Thursday Trek
Sep 26 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
Sep 29 –30 Grand Staircase Geology
Oct 3 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
Oct 11 Thursday Trek
Oct 12 Rim to Floor or Rim and Back
Oct 13 The Ferns of Zion
Oct 19 Rim to Floor or Rim and Back
Oct 26 Fall Journaling at Zion
Oct 27–29 Fall Foliage Photography
Oct 29 –30 Archaeology Service Project
Nov 1 Thursday Trek
Nov 3 Zion Geology
Nov 7 Wednesday Naturalist Walk
Dec 6 Thursday Trek
Dec 7– 8 Winter Photography

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