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With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and it's Legacy on the Colorado Plateau (9780878425464)

by Wayne K. Hinton with Elizabeth A. Green

At the height of the Great Depression, two of
America's richest resources -its young men and
its public lands -were in peril. In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a new program to help save both. Within months, the Civilian Conservation Corps had put three quarters of a million young men to work
restoring forests and farmland, building infrastructure,and fighting fires in America's national public lands. Many workers were sent far from home, including thousands who came west to the Colorado Plateau. In this high, dry, and lonesome setting, they encountered natural beauty unlike anything they had ever seen, as well as challenges they could not have imagined. With Picks, Shovels & Hope tells their story.

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