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JUNE 7, 2014

As their name implies, hanging gardens are lush assemblages of plants found in association with small seeps or springs and usually located in shady cliff recesses well above ground level.
Hanging gardens contain a distinctive flora of ferns, orchids, colorful monkeyflowers and primroses, and other wetland plants that are not typically associated with desert climates. These unique ecological systems are rare in the southwest but relatively frequent at several sites within Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. Local botanist Dan McConnell will lead an expedition to explore several of the hanging gardens of Zion, focusing on the natural history of the plant species and their adaptations to
desert life.

FEE: $60
AGES: 16 years and up
MEETS: 9 am at the Zion National Park Human History Museum.

Price: US $60.00

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