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ZION 101
MAY 3, 2014
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Geology is all or partly responsible for so many things we see in our natural environment. Scenery, soils, and plant ecosystems to name just a few. Join ZCFI geologist, Ben Everitt, and ZCFI botanist, Dan McConnell, as we explore Zion Canyon together and learn about the interrelationships between geology, botany, and riparian environments. Learn how certain rock strata are responsible for certain plant ecosystems. What effects does erosion have on riparian zones and their plant communities? On the most basic of levels geology and botany are inseperable for a “big picture” understanding of the natural world. Join us in the field and gain a better understanding of how these two sciences shape our world. Limited to 10 participants. The hiking difficulty for this class is rated as easy to moderate.

Fee: $80
Instructors: Ben Everitt and Dan McConnell
Ages: 15 years and up
Meets: 9 am at the Zion National Park Human History Museum

Price: US $80.00

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