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Application Fee for Artist in Residence Program (440-000)

Zion National Park Artist in Residence Program

The Zion National Park Artist in Residence program offers professional artists the opportunity to live and work in the majestic desert environment of southern Utah for a period of one month. The works completed under this program will contribute to the public understanding and appreciation of Zion National Park and should reflect the National Park Serviceís mission to the preservation and protection of the parkís cultural and natural resources. In addition, the programís intent is to foster the connection between unspoiled natural settings and artistic pursuit. It is the parkís hope that works produced during this time will characterize Zion for present and future generations and offer park visitors and the general public the opportunity to see Americaís heritage through the creative vision of contributing artists.


Artists have been an important part of the national park system for over a century. Their works have had a long-standing impact on the establishment, expansion, and direction of our national parks, while creating a permanent record of these treasured places. In many instances, they have served as a voice for conservation through their various mediums, allowing the park visitor the chance to see the diverse beauty and importance of wild places. The National Park Service hopes to continue in this historic tradition by providing artists the opportunity to draw inspiration from Zionís sweeping landscapes and significant cultural resources. Selected artists will have the chance to translate this beauty into works that may bring new insights, enjoyment, and understanding of this desert sanctuary.

How the Program Works

For the Winter 2008 season, an artist will be selected to work in Zion for a four-week period during the month of November. The artist will be given either rent-free use of a campsite in the main canyon area of the park, or a furnished park house in the eastern section, at a slightly higher elevation. The furnished house is large enough to comfortably provide studio space. A stipend of $300 will be granted during the residency period.

Accepted artists will need to bring personal gear, bedding, art supplies, and must have reliable transportation. The artists should be self-sufficient and able to work independently in an isolated environment. The artist is expected to comply with all park regulations and policy governing park employees and visitors.

As part of the residency process, the artist will be expected to present one public program. This interaction can be tailored to an individualís medium, interest, and experience and can be a demonstration, slide show, talk, exploratory walk, or similar presentation. Artists must provide their own supplies and equipment for these presentations. In addition, artists are encouraged to give public presentations in their community about their residency experience to further broaden the reach of the programís purpose

The participating artists are required to donate, at the parkís choosing, an original piece of work from, and representative of, their residency in Zion National Park. Pieces will be donated to Zion Natural History Association (ZNHA). Donated work must be received no later than six months after the artistís residency. Artists are also required to provide the copyright for this artwork to the National Park Service and ZNHA. The artist will retain a royalty-free, non-exclusive use license. The park and ZNHA will own the rights to reproduce the artwork and the work may be used in exhibits and for educational purposes.

Whoís Eligible?

Open to Utah residents, the Artist in Residence program will invite professional writers, composers, and all visual artists to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape of the park. Visual arts include painting, print making, sculpture, photography, video arts, and mixed media. Writers may include poets and authors of both fiction and non-fiction. Work submitted should be of professional quality and no student work will be eligible.

The Selection Process

A jury of representatives from the local art community, subject matter experts, and park personnel will review materials submitted. Selections will be made on the basis of merit and how a candidateís work can advance the mission of Zion National Park and the National Park Service as well as enhance the growth of the artistís work. The Superintendent of Zion National Park will have final approval of all selections. Any medium that involves collecting or altering park resources would be in conflict with national park preservation goals and would be deemed inappropriate for a residency. Selections will be made without regard to race, religion, sex, disability, marital status, age, or national origin.

How to Apply

Artists must submit application materials and art samples exactly as indicated on the entry form. Insufficient or excessive materials will be cause for application rejection, as is an artistís proposed use of a work already in progress as a residency project.

Applications for the program are being accepted beginning September 1, 2008 and must be received by September 30, 2008 for consideration for the Winter session. Notification will be made by October 10, 2008. There is a $35 non-refundable application fee.

Download application below and return materials to Zion_Artist_in_Residence@nps.gov. For additional information, contact the Artist in Residence Program Coordinator at same address.

Required forms for Artist in Residence Program Application:

Artist in Residence Program Contract
Artist in Residence Program Application Fee

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