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JULY 26, 2014

Cedar Breaks National Monument lies on the extreme western edge of the Colorado Plateau on the western rim of the Markagunt Plateau. Its similarity to Bryce Canyon is apparent even to the untrained eye. Cedar Breaks, however, lies nearly 3,000 feet higher, which makes it a good place to be on a hot August day. Rising to 11,000 feet elevation at Brian Head Peak, this plateau exposes some of the youngest rocks in southwestern Utah, and hosts some interesting volcanic features. Depending on interest, the tour will include the sedimentary layers in Cedar Canyon, the fresh-water Claron Formation of Cedar Breaks and its peculiar mode of erosion, the ash-flow tuffs of Brian Head Peak, basalt flows, cinder cones, and a look at Mammoth Cave, one of the largest lava tubes in Utah.

FEE: $65
AGES: 15 years and up
MEETS: 9 am at the Cedar Breaks Visitor Center

Price: US $65.00

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