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Grand Canyon National Park
Tail of the Scorpion (380)

Author Mike Graf
Illustrator Marjorie Leggitt

Ages 9-12
94 Pages
Now summer vacations can be more exciting than ever. Open the pages of this book from the series, Adventures with the Parkers, and experience our national parks as never before! Meet the Parkers: James and Morgan and their mom and dad, Kristen and Bob. Together, they're setting off on a national park adventure. Kids of all ages can join them whether traveling to the parks themselves or spending time at home this summer-Adventures with the Parkers will take kids on an exciting adventure they won't soon forget. Each book in the series is richly illustrated with photographs and drawings that will make kids feel like they've stepped from their own backyard into such amazing places as the arid deserts of Utah and Arizona, the cool mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and California, or the lush swamps of Florida. Once fully immersed with the exciting stories on the trail, kids will also get factual information about everything from geography and animal life to safety and outdoor preparedness.

Price: US $12.95

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