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Pine Valley Area Geology
September 17, 2011

This region is rich in geologic diversity containing one of the largest singular bodies of granitic-type rock in the world (The Pine Valley laccolith). This unique feature forms a transition zone between the Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau provinces. The field trip will examine rocks of both provinces including volcanoes, huge landslides and the sizable iron deposits of the “Iron Axis.”

The class will car pool from the BLM offices on River Road in St. George. However, the actual field trip will start and end at the junction of Central and State Hwy 18. Participants are welcome to join the field trip there if it is more convenient. Part of the travel will be on graveled roads. Geologic maps, cross sections and a field trip guide will be provided.

Fee: $60
Ages: 16 years and up
Instructor: Ken Puchlik
Meets: 9 am St. George BLM Office on River Road

Price: US $60.00

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