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Plein Air Painting
May 5, 2012

Bring your paints and portable easel to the park for a day of observation and painting in plein air. Known for her abstract impressionist landscapes based on field studies, Anne will focus on painting the Zion landscape from direct study. Students will begin indoors with a quick introduction then go directly on locations via park shuttle. Learn how to interpret the subject and values, mix color, familiarize yourself with plein air equipment, and see in terms of mass and form, rather than line and detail. Bring a camera as we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of photo references. In the field special emphasis will be placed on how to select an image, organize, and simplify the overwhelming amount of information in the landscape. This is a perfect class for those who want to begin painting outdoors. Please bring a lunch as we will be out in the park all day. Limited to 11 participants.

Fee: $60
Ages: 16 years and up
Instructor: Anne Weiler Brown
Meets: 8:30 am the Zion National Park Human History Museum

Price: US $60.00

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