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FEBRUARY 8, 2014

Join Zion National Park native plant specialist Rebecca Lieberg to learn more about propagating and using native plants from Southern Utah. A native plant landscape can help reduce watering needs, provide food for native pollinators, and provide outstanding beauty. Rebecca will present an overview of the values of native plant landscaping, how to propagate from seed and care for your new plants in the pot and in the ground. Participants will then get their hands dirty by selecting various native species and sowing them into provided containers. At the end, all participants will take home an assortment of wildflowers, forbs and shrubs.

Fee: $35 NO DISCOUNTS (Includes all seeds, soil, and pots)
Instructor: Rebecca Lieberg
Ages: 16 years and up
Meets: 10 am at the Zion National Park green house and continues 12 noon.

Price: US $35.00

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