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Beyond the Visible Landscape (1036)
Hard Cover Book

Certainly, Utah has the most colorful and varied landscape in the world: deep rugged canyons, plateaus, mesas, escarpment and alpine scenery.
And yet there is much more. Beyond the visible landscape are panoramas of scenes which were formed and evolved since the beginning of time. Vestiges of these landscapes are there for all to see but we must first learn how to observe and discover that which is not readily apparent. Perhaps even more important are those that remain invisible because of our limitations in background, knowledge and experience.
There is no better place to see and appreciate the beauty, history and wonders of the landscape than in Utah.
This book is unique in that is consists of a series of panoramic photographs, most of them taken from the air. It offers a distinct departure from the landscape photographs we are accustomed to and allows us to examine scenes in new and exciting ways.

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