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Angels Landing & Walter's Wiggles Poster by Steve Bern (592)

Poster size: 12.0'' (30.5 cm) x 36'' (91.5 cm) (including border and title)

Angels Landing offers spectacular views of Zion Canyon. The narrow, steep trail along the ridge offers occasional support chains. Its major dropoffs, uneven surfaces and tricky footing make this a hike for sure-footed souls not afraid of heights. It rises to an elevation of 5790 ft (1765 m) above sea level, and a height of about 1400 ft (430 m) above the main canyon floor.

Cut into solid rock in 1926, the twisted series of 21 switchbacks leading from Refrigerator Canyon (at the bottom, right of the photo) to Scout Lookout (in the middle, left of the photo) is named "Walter’s Wiggles" after Walter Ruesch, the park’s first custodian and supervisor of the building of the West Rim Trail.

•Each master photo is a photomontage of several separate photographs (3 to 6, depending on the image) needed to capture the sweep of the original scene in high resolution, proper exposure and accurate focus. The result is the highest level of realism and clarity in a nearly-distortion-free image (as contrasted to employing a very-wide-angle or fisheye lens), and in some cases allows the creation of an image which has been heretofore difficult or impossible to capture on film -- especially with such accuracy, detail, clarity, fidelity and correct exposure across the entire image. The goal achieved was that of capturing the scene exactly as you would see it as you scanned the scene by rotating your eyes and head, not as an ordinary camera would distort it in trying to capture it.

•Each image comes with an educational sheet showing the names and elevations of key mountain peaks and other features and notes of interest.

•Please bear in mind that the images displayed on your computer screen do not begin to shown the incredible level of detail contained in the actual prints. You truly must see the print to believe the detail captured.

Price: US $10.99

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