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Zion National Park DVD (626)

Zion is a living masterpiece... a land of striking contrasts and constant change... a challenge for the body and a sanctuary for the spirit... a place of natural wonders, abundant life, and inexplicable beauty.

Zion National Park is a place where even superlatives seem inadequate. Zion's soaring sandstone cliffs inspire a sense of awe and wonder. The geologic process that formed such grandeur may seem impossible to comprehend, but the secrets are revealed in the ancient rock.

Varied elevations and climatic zones provide for a great diversity of life, from mountain lions to Zion snail and from subalpine forests to desert shrubs. The human story of Zion, including the Ancestral Puebloans, Southern Paiute, Mormon pioneers, and early park history, is closely linked to the land and its resources. Discover the breathtaking scenery and recreational opportunities that draw over two million visitors a year to one of America's great national parks.

Running time: 23:00
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