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Navajo Medicinal Plant Usage
September 23, 2013

Ginny Sparks is a full-blood Navajo woman and a Registered Nurse. Her grandmother was an herbalist and healer, her grandfather was a medicine man, and her mother was a hand trembler. From them Ginny learned her people's use of plants for medicinal purposes. During this hike Ms. Sparks explains the ways in which the Navajos use certain plants to attain Hozho. Hozho is a Navajo word which describes a state in which the body attains physical and spiritual equilibrium. This is the essence of Navajo philosophy. Because she is a registered nurse, participants are in a unique position to learn traditional Navajo plant use with a sound pharmacological foundation at the same time. This easy hike will also include other aspects of Navajo ethnography. Come and enjoy a day in Zion while gaining a fascinating understanding of how one Native American group used their environment's resources to survive and prosper.

FEE: $35.00 NO DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
INSTRUCTOR: Ginny Sparks
MEETS: 9:00 am at Zion National Park Human History Museum and continues until about noon.
AGES: 16 years and above

Price: US $35.00

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