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OCTOBER 18, 2014

There are more species of mammal in Zion than in many of the states in the US. This is due to the park’s diverse life zones, dramatic altitude changes and countless micro-environments. Each species has a unique lifestyle and fills a particular role in the park’s ecosystems. How many mammals make Zion their home? What makes them unique and special? Why is so much about mammalian life still mysterious and unknown? Join us in our quest to find evidence of Zion’s mammals, from the common rock squirrel and mule deer to the spectacular bighorn sheep to the elusive mountain lion and ringtail. Learn how to detect the presence of mammals and how to improve your chances of sighting them. Along our journey, we’ll discover little-known aspects of mammal life, behavior and design and what it really means to be a mammal.

FEE: $60.00
INSTRUCTOR: Geoffrey Gerstner
MEETS: 8:00 am at Zion National Park Human History Museum and continues until about 3 pm
AGES: 16 years and above

Price: US $60.00

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