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SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

Although there are numerous unique and interesting mammal species in Zion, it is often difficult to see them because they keep different hours from us. So, to enhance your chances of catching some rarely seen mammals, this course will occur during some mammals' active time frame--dawn. We'll look for the elusive ringtails, weasels, rabbits, hares, mice, shrews, foxes and bobcats. Join us in our quest to glimpse Zionís mammals in action first hand. Along the way, youíll enjoy a breathtaking Zion sunrise.

FEE: $60.00
INSTRUCTOR: Geoffrey Gerstner
MEETS: 6:45 am at Zion National Park Human History Museum and continues until about 3 pm
AGES: 16 years and above

Price: US $60.00

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