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JUNE 27-30, 2014

An island of cool in a sea of heat. Great Basin National Park at first glance would seem to be mis-named. One might infer that the park is about the low basin, but in fact it's about the mountains of the Snake range. A prime example of the Basin and Range hydrographic province, Great Basin National Park is a little-visited alpine jewel. This class will combine geology and botany to give a broad overview of this special place.

Each participant will be responsible for their own sleeping and/or camping arrangements. All campgrounds are on a first come first serve basis. There is one motel in Baker, NV (The Silver Jack, 5 miles from the park) and one called the Border Inn, which is slightly farther from the park. Through a series of day hikes we will explore a Bristlecone Pine forest, glacial lakes, a rock glacier, and on the Baker Creek Trail, meadows with beautiful wildflower displays. Also as part of the class we will take a 60 minute tour of Lehman Cave. There is also a possibility of a night-sky program.

The hikes to the Bristlecone forest, the glacial lakes, and the glacier itself start at 10,000 feet elevation and have slight elevation gains along the way. The total hiking distance for this combination of hikes is approximately 5 miles. The air is thin here. Participants must be honest in assessing their ability to hike at these elevations. The Baker Creek Trail hike starts at approximately 7,800 feet elevation and goes STEEPLY uphill before topping off at approximately 9,000 feet. This is a six mile hike in total. STRENUOUS!!!!!!!!!

FEE: $295.00 (NO DISCOUNTS!!!!!!!!! Entrance fees to cave tour included)
INSTRUCTORS: Dan McConnell and Ben Everitt
MEETS: 2 pm at Lehman Caves Visitor Center (not the park visitor center in the town of Baker, NV, 5 miles away) on June 27, 2014. The class will adjourn by 2 pm at the latest on June 30. 3 nights of camping.
Minimum of 6 participants; maximum of 9. Students will provide all their own meals for the duration.

Price: US $295.00

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