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The Zion Tunnel
From Slickrock to Switchback (2036)

New 2001 Revised Edition!
9" (23 cm) wide x 7 3/4" (30 cm) high
52 pages
By Donald T. Garate. The story of the construction of the 1.1-mile tunnel through solid rock along the Zion-Mt. Carmel highway. Historic photos and text.

This book is a priceless treasure trove of photographs and history of the phenomenal fete accomplished by those who, with insight, perseverance and personal skills overcame the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of creating the Zion-Mt. Carmel Switchbacks and Tunnel. Actual photos and a well written account detail the incredible story of early pioneers who without the aid of modern machinery forged a route through solid rock so that the beauty of the Colorado Plateau could be enjoyed by millions of people every year.

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