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Roping The Wind
A Personal History of Cowboys and the Land (2247)

5 1/2" (23 cm) wide x 8 1/2" (30 cm) high
150 pages
by Lyman Hafen

Advance praise for Roping the Wind:

In this beautifully written book, Lyman Hafen addresses the issues of use and health of the land. He does this through story, by looking at the lives and reactions of people who live on the land, rather than through polemics. He doesn't claim to have the answers; he does ask intelligent questions. Roping the Wind is an important addition to the continuing debate over grazing and land use in the West.

— Teresa Jordan, author of Riding the White Horse Home

A memoir of Southwestern ranch culture, Roping the Wind presents the personal reflections of Lyman Hafen, prominent Southern Utah writer and editor of St. George Magazine.

Hafen celebrates the land and cowboys he has known, but he does so by showing a gallery of real people—not romantic stereotypes. These are straight-from-life sketches, family stories, and reminiscences of his own youth. Between chapters, Hafen unfolds the humorous tale of Afton and William—an irascible cowman and a greenhorn journalist—as they learn to appreciate each other.

A portion of this book was awarded first place for essays in the 1993 Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition.

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