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Quicksand & Cactus
A Memoir of the Southern Mormon Frontier (2244)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
348 pages
by Juanita Brooks


"A rich and heart-warming and lively and colorful book... a book that no one can read without a renewed sense of the worth of human living, and... at the same time a book to be read with delight."

Dale L. Morgan to Bernard DeVoto, August 4, 1944

'These unassuming but by no means artless recollections of [the author's] girlhood and growing up speak to us in the clear tones and fresh colors of unclouded early memory. ... Juanita emerges as a strong-willed, toughminded skeptic who has experienced enough of the miraculous to keep her faith in a providence she would rather understand than rely on.

William Mulder, Western American Literature

"A must for any library with a collection on Utah, the Mormons, southeastern Nevada, or western intellectual and literary history. It tells the story of the transformation of a rural Nevada farm girl to one of the most respected writers in the American West.


"So honest in the telling, so free of stylistic ornament and narrative complexity... It is in fact something of a gentle comedy, a charming parable on life in Dixie. The author does not provide the rolling thunder of great history or a dramatic yardstick for the past. Rather she miniaturizes, domesticates, reduces the grand scheme to the small manageable detail... She is sensitive not sensational, real because she makes no attempt to be surreal.

The Pacific Historian

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