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Utah Byways - 65 of Utah's Best Backcountry Drives (461)

5" (13 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
176 pages
by Tony Huegel

65 adventure drives for owners of sport-utility vehicles

Utah Byways is the ideal companion for adventurous travelers of all ages and backgrounds who yearn to explore Utah's rugged beauty and frontier heritage. With Utah Byways and a modern sport-utility vehicle, you and your family can comfortably and confidently experience Utah's extensive network of spectacular backcountry roads. Trek across mountains 11,000 feet high. Journey west on the original rail bed of the historic Transcontinental Railroad. Relive history on the old Pony Express Trail. Or hike to a towering arch after fording a remote desert stream deep in the labyrinths of Canyon Country.

Utah Byways includes detailed route descriptions, color-keyed maps, photographs and a format that makes it easy to use and keep in your glovebox as you travel through a landscape of epic scale and grandeur.

Price: US $18.95

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