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Zion Adventure Guide (4333)

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This information-packed guide is the ideal trip planner for the first-time visitor and a valuable resource for the return visitors to Zion National Park.
Price: US $16.99

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The Narrows Day Hike Trail Guide *NEW ITEM*

Pick up this handy waterproof guide to help you plan a day hike in the Zion Narrows. Includes a map and recommendations regarding safety, group size, how to dress, what to bring, and seasonal conditions.
Price: US $3.99

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Favorite Hikes In and Around Zion National Park

By Tanya Milligan and Bo Beck
Soft cover
192 pages
Guide for all ages and skill levels.

This book is packed with great information including the directions to 50 incredible trails within a 100-mile radius of Zion's east side - the heart of canyon country. It has an easy to read guide noting which trails are child-friendly/quick hikes, day hikes, technical canyon/routes, arch or bridge, petroglyphs or ruins, and dinosaur tracks.
Great topo maps, GPS coordinates, color photos and maps, driving directions and descriptions for on-trail hiking, back country routes and canyoneering.
Price: US $24.95

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Hiking Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks (2241)

A Falcon guide by Eric Molvar and Tamara Martin.
An illustrated guide to some of the breath-taking slick rock canyons and towering cliffs of southwest Utah. This guide covers 56 hikes in the two parks as well as surrounding areas.

Price: US $21.95

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Falcon Guide Best Easy Day Hikes Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks (481) Paperback

by Erik Molvar and Tamara Martin.
This is a great book for those visitors that, for one reason or another, want to limit their time on a trail. The likeable thing about this publication is that it features trails that are just a little off the beaten track of most visitors but yet are easily manageable. The book has trail descriptions of ten trails in Zion, two in Cedar Breaks, six in Bryce and four trails of the Paunsaugunt Country.
If you are interested in a little more in depth hiking, order our 'Falcon Guide-Hiking Zion and Bryce Canyon'.
It is always wise to check in with the managing agency before heading out on your hike.

Price: US $9.95

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The Zion Canyon Shuttle Guide (607)

The Zion Canyon Shuttle Guide is a pocket-sized booklet that tells you all you need to know about using the popular Zion Canyon Shuttle service.
Price: US $1.49

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Zion Canyoneering (1191)

Trail Hiking & Technical Adventures in & Around Zion National Park
Price: US $19.95

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A Naturalist's Guide to Canyon Country
A Falcon Guide (100)

213 pgs.
Written by David B. Williams
Illustrated by Gloria Brown

A staff favorite. This guide is the perfect companion if you plan to explore the northern Colorado Plateau, that vast province that encompasses eastern Utah, far western Colorado, and sections of northern Arizona and New Mexico. It is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated trailside reference to the plants, animals, and geology of an area that includes nine national parks and monuments, including Zion.
Price: US $24.95

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Geology Unfolded: Zion National Park (4052)

"Whys and Hows " of geologic features
in Zion National Park.
Prepared by Thomas H Morris (Ph.D.), Scott M. Ritter (Ph.D.), and Dallin P. Laycock of Brigham Young University.
Price: US $4.95

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Hiking the Southwest's Canyon Country (94)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
256 pages
by Sandra Hinchman

Price: US $18.95

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Zion Climbing - Free and Clean (9780976523550)
by Bryan Bird

The Definitive Guidebook to Zion Climbing
Inside you will find up-to-date information on
more than 250 free climbs and 25 of Zion's
best clean ai climbs, plus pictures and
directions to the park's most popular
bouldering areas. Detailed coverage ranges
from 10-foot boulder problems to 2000-foot
epic free climbs, making this compilation of
stories, map, and history the best guide
available to all that Zion has to offfer.

Price: US $29.95

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Photographing the Southwest Volume 1 A Guide to the natural landmarks of Southern Utah

Arthor Laurent Martres

Great instruction for finding and photographing some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.
Price: US $24.95

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Passport To Your National Parks (456)

The Passport book is perfect for planning a trip to our national parks, and for saving your memories after you get home.
Price: US $8.99

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Passport Explorer Edition (339)

The Passport's 'Big Brother' is now in! (don't worry, nothing about the Passport Program has changed, and we're still producing the standard Passport book). But take a look at this great version.
Price: US $49.99

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Hiking Utah (98)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
248 pages
A Falcon Guide by Dave Hall

A great introduction to hikes in Utah.

Price: US $16.95

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Scenic Driving Utah (82)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
256 pages
A Falcon Guide by Joe Bensen

Price: US $15.95

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Utah Byways - 65 of Utah's Best Backcountry Drives (461)

5" (13 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
176 pages
by Tony Huegel

65 adventure drives for owners of sport-utility vehicles

Price: US $18.95

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