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Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon (1181)
**2007 APPL Excellence Award Winner**

Written by Eileen M. Smith-Cavros
Introduction by Lyman Hafen
Photographs by Michael Plyler
Ninety six pages.

This hard cover book is a result of oral interviews conducted by Zion Canyon Field Institute and Zion Natural History Association with people who lived in the canyon between 1910 and 1934. Gain insight into this time of change when isolated pioneers were met with what would be the future Zion National Park.
Price: US $14.95

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**New** Images of America

by Tiffany Taylor

The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the community today.
Price: US $21.99

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A History of Washington County
From Isolation to Destination

by Douglas D. Alder and Karl F. Brooks

This book traces the history of the county from
ancient times of the Anasazi Indians to the coming of Mormon settlers in the 1850s. It includes the founding of St, George in 1861, chronicling the determination of the early settlers as they fought the heat and drought.
The subsequent century-long isolation of the area is examined as well as the more recent boon times in which Utah's Dixie has been radically transformed as a destination recreation spot and residence forever-increasing numbers of retirees and others.

Price: US $19.95

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Opening Zion-A Scrapbook of the National Park's First Official Tourists (4311)
By John and Melissa Clark

A glimpse of the earliest days of Zion National Park has been masterfully created through photos taken in 1920 of six young University of Utah women in an effort to promote tourism. Fabulous photos and interesting text makes this a very enjoyable read.
Price: US $19.95

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The Zion Tunnel
From Slickrock to Switchback (2036)

New 2001 Revised Edition!
9" (23 cm) wide x 7 3/4" (30 cm) high
52 pages
by Donald T. Garate

Price: US $5.95

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With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and it's Legacy on the Colorado Plateau (9780878425464)

by Wayne K. Hinton with Elizabeth A. Green

At the height of the Great Depression, two of
America's richest resources-its young men and
its public lands-were in peril. In 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a new program to help save both. Within months, the Civilian Conservation Corps had put three quarters of a million young men to work restoring forests and farmland, building infrastructure, and fighting fires in America's national public lands. Many workers were sent far from home, including thousands who came west to the Colorado Plateau. In this high, dry, and lonesome setting, they encountered natural beauty unlike anything they had ever seen, as well as challenges they could not have imagined. With Picks, Shovels & Hope tells their story.

Price: US $30.00

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Pipe Spring National Monument (2257)

Pipe Spring National Monumemt
An Ancient Oasis on a Storied Frontier
by Nicki Leach
Price: US $7.95

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The History of Arizona's Pipe Spring National Monument

5.5" (14 cm) wide x 8.5" (22 cm) high
58 pages
by David Lavender

An informative history with historic photos. ZNHA Publication.

Price: US $4.95

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I Was Called to Dixie - The Virgin River Basin: Unique Experiences in Mormon Pioneering (177)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
684 pages
by Andrew Karl Larson
Price: US $19.95

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Roping The Wind
A Personal History of Cowboys and the Land (2247)

5 1/2" (23 cm) wide x 8 1/2" (30 cm) high
150 pages
by Lyman Hafen

Price: US $14.95

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Quicksand & Cactus
A Memoir of the Southern Mormon Frontier (2244)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
348 pages
by Juanita Brooks


Price: US $28.95

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Emma Lee (2245)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
114 pages
by Juanita Brooks

Price: US $12.95

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A History of Southern Utah and Its National Parks (1235)

5 1/2" (14 cm) wide x 8 1/2" (22 cm) high
226 pages
by Angus M. Woodbury

Revision of Angus M. Woodbury's history of past human use which includes a record of historic North American Cultures. ZNHA PUBLICATION

Price: US $5.95

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Great Lodges of the National Park Service (686) Hardbound

The companion book to the PBS television series- Highly recommended for gift giving.
Price: US $35.00

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