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Water, Rock, and Time (1070)

The Geologic Story of Zion National Park
By Dr. Robert L. Eves

One of our most popular publications!

ZNHA's new book: "Water, Rock, and Time" is now available.
This long-awaited book by Dr. Robert Eves, professor of geology at Southern Utah University, tells the story of the formation of Zion Canyon in 136 pages, and contains more than 120 of the most inspiring photos of Zion National Park ever published.
Price: US $19.95

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The Sculpturing of Zion

by Wayne L. Hamilton
"The Sculpturing of Zion is an impressive
blend of science and art. The processes
operating in this region are addressed in
a manner that makes it easy for a
non-geologist to understand."
Gary McKenzie, Ph.D., Professor of
Geology at Ohio State University, from a
review in the "Journal Of Geologic Education"

Price: US $19.95  $12.95

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Geology Unfolded: An Illustrated Guide to the Geology of Utah's National Parks (4361)

By Thomas H. Morris, Scott M. Ritter, and
Dallin P. Laycock 68 pages

Written for the geologically curious by professors who have used the parks as their classroom to educate a generation of geoscientists.
Price: US $12.99

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Geology Unfolded: Zion National Park (4052)

A quick foldout guide to answer the
"Whys and Hows " of geologic features
in Zion National Park.
Prepared by Thomas H Morris (Ph.D.), Scott M. Ritter (Ph.D.), and Dallin P. Laycock of Brigham Young University.
Price: US $4.95

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Beyond the Visible Landscape (1036)
Hard Cover Book

Aerial panoramas of Utah's Geology
Price: US $69.00

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An Introduction to the Geology of Zion National Park (258)

Geology is central to the story of Zion National Park. It is what first catches the attention of millions of visitors even though at first sight you may be too caught up in the beauty to realize you are looking at a story about geology!

Price: US $2.95

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Geology of Utah (343)

8 1/2" (22 cm) wide x 11" (28 cm) high
308 pages
by William Lee Stokes

Utah is called a geologist's paradise. This book travels from the ancient Precambrian era, over two billion years ago, to the sand dunes creeping across today's desert landscape.

Price: US $19.99

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The Colorado Plateau - A Geologic History (51)

6" (15 cm) wide x 9" (23 cm) high
280 pages
by Donald L. Baars

Price: US $26.95

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