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Jr. Ranger Handbook(3437)

The Zion Junior Ranger Handbook is designed to be a fun activity guide for children from the age of 6 to 12 years old.

We feel this publication is so important for our young visitors that we sell it on-line at our cost. No member discount available.
Price: US $1.00

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Teddy Squirrel Zion Adventure (4268)

Written & Illustrated by Mark Swan
A Guided Tour of Zion Canyon for
Squirrels and Kids of all Ages

This book takes you on a creative tour of Zion National Park as a grandfather brings to life the wondrous qualities to be discovered in a national park for his contemporary grandchildren. Educational and engaging, Mark Swan's illustrations will delight the young reader.
Price: US $7.99

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Eddie & Suzy Explore
Zion National Park Coloring Book Adventure (606)

Now On Special
**ON SALE** $2.95 Original Price
This coloring book is a great way to familiarize children with points of interest in Zion National Park.
Price: US $1.50

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Ghost Horses
A Mystery in Zion National Park

by Gloria Skurzynski & Alane Ferguson
Young Adult
151 pages
Part of a young reader series set in National Parks. Published by National Geographic. Written by an award-winning mystery writer (Alane Ferguson) and an award-winning science writer (Gloria Skurzynski). This real-life mother-daughter team visit each park to do their research to create their thrilling tales.
Afterword written by ZNHA Executive Director Lyman Hafen.
Price: US $4.99

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Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks
Danger In The Narrows (371)

Author Mike Graf
Illustrator Marjorie Leggitt
94 Pages
Ages 9-12 or for a parent to read to a child.
This is the first book in a series of adventure books set in America's National Parks. The story follows the Parker Family as they explore the Zion Narrows. Not only is it an exciting adventure with great descriptions of the scenery but also illustrates the care one must take when exploring our wild and wonderful park.
Price: US $12.95

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Grand Canyon National Park
Tail of the Scorpion (380)

Author Mike Graf
Illustrator Marjorie Leggitt

Ages 9-12
94 Pages
Now summer vacations can be more exciting than ever. Open the pages of this book from the series, Adventures with the Parkers, and experience our national parks as never before! Meet the Parkers: James and Morgan and their mom and dad, Kristen and Bob. Together, they're setting off on a national park adventure. Kids of all ages can join them whether traveling to the parks themselves or spending time at home this summer-Adventures with the Parkers will take kids on an exciting adventure they won't soon forget. Each book in the series is richly illustrated with photographs and drawings that will make kids feel like they've stepped from their own backyard into such amazing places as the arid deserts of Utah and Arizona, the cool mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and California, or the lush swamps of Florida. Once fully immersed with the exciting stories on the trail, kids will also get factual information about everything from geography and animal life to safety and outdoor preparedness.

Price: US $12.95

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Grouches are Green

Sesame Street's Oscar loves trash, and he loves to reuse it by turning it into something else. Everyone's favorite grouch shows his pals how to go green.
By Naomi Kleinberg
Illustrated by Joe Mathieu
Price: US $6.99

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Who Pooped on the Colorado Plateau (1560374306)

Written by Gary D. Robson
Illustrated by Robert Rath
48 pages

A humorous way to teach children how to identify animals by their tracks and scat.
Price: US $9.95

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Antelope Bison Cougar (1930238037)

By Steven P. Medley

With its wonderful watercolor paintings and pencil drawings of wild animals in national parks throughout the country, this is a unique and captivating alphabet book.
Of interest to children of all ages, the book associates each letter with a different wildlife species, and can be used to introduce the alphabet to the very young. More mature readers will find the text a remarkable resource for learning about the birds and mammals that populate the national parks. And there's extensive information about each including national park and its importance to our country.
This delightful volume is perfect introduction to America's remarkable wild animals and the magnificent national parks where they make their homes.
For ages 3 to 10

Price: US $14.95

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Nature's Yucky 2:Desert Southwest (9780878425297)

Lee Ann Landstrom & Karen I. Shragg Authors
Rachel Rogge Illustrator
Nature's Yucky 2! takes young naturalists and other lovers of foul facts and icky information on an expedition to the American Southwest.
Price: US $12.00

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Passport To Your National Parks (456)

The Passport book is perfect for planning a trip to our national parks, and for saving your memories after you get home.
Price: US $8.99

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Passport Explorer Edition (339)

The Passport's 'Big Brother' is now in! (don't worry, nothing about the Passport Program has changed, and we're still producing the standard Passport book). But take a look at this great version.
Price: US $49.99

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