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Zion National Park's Children's Programs receive funding through donations to the Zion National Park Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to help Zion Junior Ranger Program create 'Stewards for the Future' of Zion National Park.

Children’s programs are designed specifically for families and children. Children must be accompanied by an adult while attending all programs. Children’s programs will be offered through September 3, 2012 at the Zion Nature Center, Zion Lodge, and other locations throughout the park.

Zion Junior Ranger BadgeJunior Ranger Program
Children ages 6 to 12 can earn a badge or patch by completing the Junior Ranger Handbook, available at no cost (new in 2012) at park bookstores, and attending at least one ranger-led program. Children ages 5 and younger can earn a pin by completing the Lil’ Junior Ranger Activity Sheet, available for free at visitor centers and the Zion Human History Museum.

This is a family-oriented program. Children will learn about Zion National Park and the natural world through hands-on activities, hikes, and lessons designed especially for them. Free.

Memorial Day weekend through September 3, 2012. Daily programs.

Activities are outside, so dress comfortably and appropriately for outdoor activities. Please bring water. Hats and sunscreen are recommended on sunny days and rain gear if the weather looks stormy. Close-toed shoes preferred. No flip-flops.

Zion National Park Children with Volunteer

1.25 hours, easy 1-mile walk
Emerald Pools Trailhead
Explore the amazing features of this spectacular
canyon. Ages 6 and older. Mon. & Wed.
1.5 hours, easy 2-mile walk
Temple of Sinawava Shuttle Stop
Meander through unique plant and animal
habitats in a stunning river setting. Ages 6 and
older. Thurs.
2 hours, easy 2-mile walk
Uncover Zion’s phenomenal resources using
provided GPS units. Space is limited. Make free
reservations, in person, up to three days in
advance at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center.
Ages 10 and older. Fri.
1 hour, easy .25-mile walk
Temple of Sinawava Shuttle Stop
Learn about the wild ways that water affects
animals and shapes Zion Canyon. Ages 6 and
older. Mon. & Tues.
Children's Program Zion National Park

Zion Nature Center Programs

Programs are 30 to 45 minutes long. The Zion
Nature Center is located next to the South
Campground. The shuttle does not stop at the
Zion Nature Center, but it can be accessed from
the Pa’rus Trail. Limited parking is available.
Explore Zion’s incredible animals and their
amazing adaptations. Ages 6 to 12. Mon., Wed.,
Thurs., Fri., & Sun.
Discover the twists and turns of Zion’s unique
plants. Ages 6 to 12. Tues., Thurs., Fri., & Sun.
Marvel at the forces that shaped Zion’s giant
cliffs. Ages 6 to 12. Thurs., Fri., Sat., & Sun.
Salute the innovations and survival of early
inhabitants. Ages 6 to 12. Mon., Tues., Wed., & Sat.

Drop-In Programs

Park rangers are available for 1.5 hours from the
start of the program. Stop by anytime and stay for
a minute or stay for an hour.
Emerald Pools Trailhead
Discover Zion’s amazing animals and explore the
secrets of the Emerald Pools. Sun.
Weeping Rock Trailhead
Uncover the forces of water and geology, and
enjoy stories of early explorers. Wed. & Sat.

Educational Outreach Programs
Curriculum-based, in-class educational programs are available each spring and fall for 3rd to 5th grades. These outreach programs are offered to elementary schools in Washington County and other areas within a 50-mile radius of the park. more...

Zion Junior Ranger ProgramCheck the ranger-led activity schedule for subjects.

For Teachers

Kids Helping the Park and the Planet

Parents, Grandparents, and Teachers Helping Kids

Self Guided Activities

Junior Ranger Activity Booklet:
Children ages 6 through 12 can earn a Junior Ranger Badge by completing an activity booklet during their visit.

Children ages 6-8 can earn a badge or a Junior Ranger Explorer Patch by completing the activity booklet and attending a ranger-led program.

Children ages 9-12 can earn a badge or a Junior Ranger Patch by completing the activity booklet and attending a ranger-led program.

Booklets are on sale for one dollar (plus tax) at both visitor centers and the human history museum. Please allow for several hours to complete this booklet as activities include traveling throughout Zion Canyon in search of cool things to discover.

Junior Ranger Helper: Children under 6 years old can earn a Junior Ranger Pin by completing an activity sheet during their visit. Activity sheets are free and available at both visitor centers and human history museum.

Web Rangers: Now you can be a Junior Ranger even if you are not able to visit Zion. By clicking here, you become a member of a growing number of young people who are interested in the world around them and involved with their nation's heritage...The Web Rangers

The Zion National Park Junior Ranger Program is supported by and receives additional funding through the Zion National Park Foundation. Your donations and bookstore purchases help to sustain this and other family-friendly experiences at Zion National Park.

Check out out the ZNHA bookstore for Junior Ranger products and fun books, puzzles, and activities for kids

The Zion National Park Foundation provides additional funding for this program

Other Family Programs in Zion Park
The "Explore Zion" Custom Workshops offered by The Zion Canyon Field Institute can be designed especially for your family. Call for more information:
(435) 772-3264 or 1-800-635-3959

View all Programs and Seminars of the Zion Canyon Field Institute


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